Brookstone Store - Kenwood Mall/Kurt

Mason, Ohio 1 comment
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My mother and I were shopping together and made our way into Brookestone to look at the new massage chair. My mother purchased the older model some time ago and wanted to sell it to me and get the new one. We decided to stop in to see if it was worth the price.

When we entered the store, there was no one in sight. We looked around for a few minutes and then made our way to the chairs. My mother sat down and picked up the remote when a very large man came screaming toward us, telling her to get up. She did so and he proceeded to scold her and tell her that a waiver must be signed in order to sit in the chair and he would have to operate the chair himself.

My mother, shocked at his tone, explained to the salesperson that she has purchased many items from the store including a massage chair and she has never had to sign a waiver nor has she been treated so rudely. She asked for the manager and he pointed to his name tag (which said Kurt/Manager). When my mom explained to Kurt that she did not want his help, but would like to look at the massage chair on her own, he threatened to call mall security. I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED! I looked at my mother and laughed and suggested we just leave.

My mother and I tried to file a complaint about the manager and found out that Brookestone has no customer service department. We both continued to call and email the situation to Brookestone who just completely ignored the situation. Finally, my mother got so angry that she began to try to reach anyone who would listen at the company and was finally told the Director of Customer Service was unaware of the complaint, there was no record of it and she would get back to us as soon as possible. We never heard from her but the General Manager of the store ended up contacting my mother only to tell her that Kurt was one of his best employees and he was surprised we had trouble with him. My mother asked only for an apology from Kurt and they refused.

I will never buy another product from Brookstone but my parents love their products. It's a shame they are so unprofessional.

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Your immature comment says more about you than it does about me. Get a hobby, loser.

Brookstone Store - Returned merchandise and didn't receive refund

Michigan Center, Michigan 0 comments

I ordered a few items for my new apartment that I was going to be moving to in two months. I returned the items about 4-5 weeks afterwards.

I admit I did not call for authorization first, but I still expected a refund. After a month, I called and was told that my return was considered "a forfeiture" and would not receive a refund. They would not resend the items, either.

They offered a store credit, but I never received it.

Isn't this called stealing? I thought I was the only one with this experience, but apparently I was wrong.

How is this company still in business?

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Monetary Loss: $85.

Brookstone Store - Brookstone - won't return my money after Return

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Update by user Jan 11, 2013

After nearly 6 weeks of angst and dealing with customer service, I opened a BBB complaint against the company. The head of Finance at Brookstone actually called me and apologized for the run around I was getting.

He had been out of the office over the holidays and just returned to see my issue. Apparently it is/was an issue in how Brookstone & PayPal worked together in their monetary exchange system. He assured me that my Refund was processed that day (about a week ago). And sure enough, I saw the PayPal refund 1 day later.

So case closed ... But this was a very ugly & frustrating experience. I doubt I would ever order anything ONLINE from them again, but more than likely I would buy directly from one of their Outlets.

And I won't ever use PayPal again as my payment method with them, but rather a credit card. At least then I could return an item directly to the store.

Original review posted by user Dec 11, 2012

Incredible. Purchased an item thru their Brookstone catalog that they sent.

Item arrived but was way too expensive for such an inferior product, so I returned it -- paid $65 to UPS to have it returned to them. Was given a Return Authorization from them as well ... Now 3 weeks later they STILL have yet to credit my PayPal account ... I have made 2 phone calls so far and am about to make my 3rd tomorrow.

I will NEVER purchase ANYTHING from this company again.

They lost me as a customer forever - be forewarned. I truly feel duped in this purchase.

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Monetary Loss: $545.

Brookstone Store - Brookstone does not give refunds on gifts

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A friend sent me a birthday GIFT from Brookstone. Since I already had a similar item I went to my local Brookstone store to exchange it or obtain a gift card.

I did not have a gift receipt and was told there was nothing I could do without a receipt or the credit card it was purchased on. This is ridiculous! After talking to corporate I finally managed to have them send me a shipping label, i have to send the item to corporate and they will issue a gift card. This policy is SO ANTI CONSUMER!

I will NEVER shop in Brookstone again, nor will anyone I tell this to. There are too many other stores with better customer relations!

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Monetary Loss: $99.

Brookstone Store - Brookstone products made in Chine break!

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Reveived as a gift the heavy duty $200 hand held massager which broke two months later. I explained it was a gift no other entity sells this.

Told me to mail it to them.

Not taking a chance and expense of mailing it to them so they may or may not send me a new one (That may break again), I should simply be able to bring it into the store for a new one like I can do with many other retail outfits.

China company is making so called quality items for Brookstone? Top dollar for *** at Brookstone!

Brookstone Store - A brookstone employee insulted me and my family .

Monongahela, Pennsylvania 6 comments
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Brookstone store located in Moroeville, Pa . My son, myself and my wife went to look at a massage recliner that sells for about $2700.00.

When my 16 year old son sat in the chair a store associate demanded my son get out of the chair stating you have to be 18 or older to sit in a recliner. i emailed Brookstone about the incident and was told I would receive a written apology plus a store gift card. I am still waiting and it gets better.

I received a call from the corporate Secretary of customer service and after a somewhat lengthy phone conversation I was given a very cold 'I'm sorry' and when I asked how they intended to compensate me as promised I was told no such compensation would take place. Brookstone has no such thing as customer service.

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Stratford, Connecticut, United States #1250799

No one insulted your son, that is the rule


Why are you complaining? Your son broke a rule and it doesn't sound like anyone insulted him. Get a freaking life.


I agree with Vakrjk. When I was 16, I sat down in one of Brookstone's recliners and an employee came up and told me you had to be 18.

He was very polite and understanding. The employee at the Brookstone you went to should have been more civil about it.


MauiA149 and Realworld must work for Brookstone. You two know nothing about customer service and people like you are the reason companies get away with poor service.


Where is the insult? Your son is 16 and was told he had to be 18 to sit in the recliner. Nothing insulting about that.


Compensate you for........? Maybe you should compensate me for taking the time to read this ***? Sounds fair to me!!

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Brookstone Store - Brookstone Stole My Money!

Chicago, Illinois 1 comment
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Purchased a $180 item from these Brookstone and returned the item within 2 weeks. It is going on 4 months and they still refuse to refund my money.

First they lied and told American Express that they did not receive my return except they did not know I purchased a Delivery Confirmation from the post office. They continued to lie to me saying that they would issue a refund within 72 hours. This was the same story over and over again!

This company has sunk to a new low. I hope the current economy puts this company out of business!

Review about: Money Refund.



Finally after months of fighting and reporting these people to the BBB, I finally got my refund however, because of what I had to go through, I will never shop at Brookstone again!!

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